Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties #3) by Kendra Leigh Castle

When I offered to read this for review for Netgalley I was unaware that it was the third in the series.  I was at first intimidated by the breakdown of the various bloodlines and their gifts.  But halfway into the second chapter I was hooked.  Ms. Castle tells an intriguing story.  I was fascinated by the world Ms. Castle has created.  I will most definitely be checking out the first two books in this series and looking forward to the next. 
What happens when a sheltered member of the Grigori and a world weary shape-shifting assassin are both trying to find the same guy?  Especially when the Grigori, Ariane, is beautiful, trusting and innocent.  Shadow Damian keeps running into Ariane as he tries to find Sammiel.  He is doing it for money and she is doing it for friendship.  Sammiel is the closest thing Ariane has ever had as a friend until she left her people looking for him.  Eventually Damian and Ariane agree to join forces in the hunt.  But the hunt for Sammiel is just the beginning.  Forces for change are happening and all the bloodlines are going to have to prepare for it.

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