Monday, June 18, 2012

Under the Covers by Rita Herron

Sweet contemporary romance.  Everybody’s caretaker, Abigail Jensen is a marriage counselor with a new book out and she has just been informed that her “husband” has left her for a man but it really isn’t an issue because their marriage wasn’t valid because the guy who married them wasn’t licensed to do so.  She has a book tour coming up to promote the book and her sister hires an actor to play the part of her devoted husband.
Reporter Hunter Stone is a divorced dad trying to rebuild his career.  He blames Abby for the beginning of the end of his marriage.  It must be kismet.  If he can get the dirt on Abby he can jump start his career and get even at the same time.  He gets hired to pretend to be Abby’s husband for the book tour. 
Can a relationship built on lies turn to love?   

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