Monday, June 18, 2012

Jacked Up (Fast Track #6) by Erin McCarthy

In this last installment of the Fast Track series Eve Monroe sister to Evan & Elec and their tough as nails PR rep gets her man.  Eve is going on 33 and is one big ball of stress.  Her latest problem is the viral video of Evans jackman Ford Nolan’s ass (sans underwear) hanging out of a split in his firesuit while performing in the pits.  Eve and Ford are opposites.  She is all about doing her job and while he takes his work seriously he knows that life is meant to be enjoyed.  He is intrigued by Eve and wants to show her how to have fun.  Eve is not happy with her life Ford pushes his way into her life and her heart and shows her that there is more to life than being stuck in a job you hate and trying to live up to someone elses ideal of who you should be. 
I really enjoyed this book.  There are some really great laugh out loud moments mixed in with the awww moments.  I will miss the characters from this series but I look forward to new adventures from the mind of Erin McCarthy 

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