Thursday, July 25, 2019

Traitor Games (Tarnished Heroes #3) by Sidney Bristol

The latest installment in the Tarnished Heroes series from New York Times bestselling author Sidney Bristol.

Noah White has done a lot of bad things for the CIA, but this time they've crossed the line. He knows the kill order he's been given is a set-up and the intended target is another covert agent. They’ve finally found a line Noah won’t cross. Not with her.

Lillian Matthews is living in the crosshairs and she knows it. While her friends are spread out over the globe gathering intelligence on a rogue covert agency, it's her job to keep them all connected. Only now she's the target. And her unlikely ally is the last man she'd expect.

Lillian will have to make the biggest sacrifice of her life, because Noah will stop at nothing to protect her.

My review:
Traitor Games is the latest installment in the Tarnished Heroes and while it can be read standalone I feel like you will enjoy it much more having read the first two books.
This romantic thriller is fast paced action, intrigue and love. Independent contractor for the CIA Noah White has received orders to kill Washington fixer Lillian Matthews. Noah knows she is one of the good guys and thus starts this adventure. This exciting story takes us on the run all over the world and keeps you on edge till the very last page. Fantastic!

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