Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dick (The Private Dick series, #1) Gracen Miller and Julie Morgan


Bourbon, beads, and blood.

Phuck is the king of New Orleans. A demon who offers immortality for loyalty and respect. As president of the Voodoo Dawgs MC, he's become as iconic to Nawlins' citizens as the French Quarter. With Voodoo Mama and his brothers at his side, he's untouchable, his power limitless. But when one of his demon brothers is discovered murdered, his life is about to be shaken up in ways he could've never anticipated.

Enzo is a sheriff, a shifter with a badge, who's lost his power and the respect of the citizens of New Orleans. Betrayed by those he trusted, he's fallen into disgrace, unable to remain sober long enough to pull himself together. When one of Phuck's men is found dead, Enzo calls in the big guns to help solve the murder.

Panther shifter Detective Natalia Cortes arrives to investigate a demonic killing in NOLA. It's not just any homicide, but the murder of a demon who happens to be part of the Voodoo Dawgs MC. The self-appointed King of New Orleans doesn't want her there, but she feels his heated gaze. The sheriff needs her help to solve the case, but the more time he spends with her, the more he wants to claim her as his mate.

Welcome to the Dark Days and Voodoo Nights of New Orleans!

My review:
Dick is a sexy/fun noir paranormal mystery that is as steamy as New Orleans in the summertime.
Confidence is sexy. Panther shifter Detective Natalia Cortes has confidence in spades. When she is called to assist in a murder investigation in New Orleans she is surrounded by sexy men. As a woman in a man’s world Natalia has lady balls the size of a watermelon and takes no shit. But when the sexy cop and the even sexier demon turn their attentions her way she can’t help but be turned on. Now if they could only solver this blasted murder before it happens again.
This book is hot, hot, hot! I can’t wait to see where the authors take us next.

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