Monday, July 1, 2019

The Problem with Witches by Joey W. Hill

A Knights of the Board Room Crossover. Ben O’Callahan has worked a long day. The last thing he wants is to find a couple witches and two guys who claim to be “Guardians,” aka sorcerer-style cops, lying in wait for him on the parking deck of the K&A offices. But he has information they need, about a dark witch from his past who may have plans to destroy New Orleans. Well, screw that. This is his town. Much as he’d prefer to go home to his beautiful submissive and a nice steak, a knight knows when it’s time to don the armor and go fight evil. Only in this case, his lady isn’t the type to wait at home. Marcie is going to fight for the city, right by his side, with the Guardians and witches who know that love is the one thing that evil can’t defeat. Not if the will is strong enough.

My review:
The Problem with Witches by Joey W. Hill is a super sexy and exciting crossover between her Knights of the Boardroom series and her Arcane Shot Series. This is a high energy adventure to save New Orleans and more. This story has twists and turns you don’t see coming. We get to see bits of the past that Ben has been hiding from us and to his everlasting surprise it only brings Marcie closer. I love that though she may be a submissive she is certainly no pushover when it comes to Ben and his well-being physically and emotionally. There is action from Derek, Mikhail, Raina, Ruby and Ramona. The heat from Mikhail and Raina is steamy enough fog up your glasses. I think the love between the Knights of the Boardroom couples is magical making this crossover a no-brainer.

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