Thursday, July 4, 2019

Fuel the Flame by Terri A. Wilson

This summer solstice will put the “Hot” in “Hotlanta”.
Remington Montgomery had no interest in settling down. But now he’s engaged to be married, in line for the throne, and trying to keep his bride to be from being killed.
Dai Ito understands her new role but isn’t ready to give up her old life. Her dreams don’t involve a crown, a husband, or being killed.
Fate had other plans for these two dragons, but before they exchange vows, they have to hunt down a deranged serial killer, find a secret tribe of female warriors thought to be eliminated, and plan the perfect wedding that will make both their mothers happy. To make life more complicated, a mystery man from Dai’s past comes back into her life, and he has more than a friendly reunion in mind.
Planning a wedding is never easy, but it’s twice as hard when these two shifters have to not only strengthen their relationship but race the clock before another dragon dies.

My review:
Have you read A Slow Burn? No? STOP! Go read that one first then come back and read this.
 In Fuel the Flame we see Reni and Dai struggling to find a happy medium to prepare for their future. Just because theirs is an arranged mating doesn’t mean it has to be horrible. Remi is still looking for his serial killer and Dai still hasn’t told her parents about her shift in majors. Dai’s mother has become a stereotypical mother of the bride making life her life even crazier. Fuel the Flame is an intense action packed thrill ride. This is a terrific second book and I look forward to seeing where the author takes us next.

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