Monday, July 8, 2019

Black Hollow: Sacrificing Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Welcome to Black Hollow, the most paranormal town in America. When your mayor is a Griffin and the local diner is run by mermaid’s serving fish and chips, you know you’ll never have a mundane day.

Toussaint didn’t believe love was worth the risk of possible heartache. Lust and Danger roll in with a new visitor. Toussaint has to solve the mystery of who’s ransacking the town before it escalates to murder.

After watching his brother destroyed over the loss of his spouse, Toussaint swore he would avoid love and save himself the heartache. He wasn’t prepared for the day Ivy Grange rolls into town, car loaded with bridal shower decorations and a horribly ugly creature she swears is a dog.

As Toussaint starts to soften towards Ivy, strange events start happening around town. He starts missing time and showing up with bloody knuckles. It isn’t until Ivy finds out the truth about Black Hollow and what creature Toussaint really is that things get worse.

Faced with the choice of giving up his own life to save Ivy’s, he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice everything for love.

My review:
Everyone’s favorite monster is getting married. To a human no less. When her friend Ivy comes to Black Hollow with her little dog for the wedding Gargoyle Toussaint is gob smacked. He doesn’t want a mate. Love hurts. But fate will find a way.  This is fast paced with wedding infused madness and hot hunky carpenters. I really enjoyed.

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