Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Mint Julep Murders (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #8) by Angie Fox

For Southern girl Verity Long, friendship means sitting down to stories and sweet tea on the front porch. For her gangster ghost housemate, it means dragging Verity out to a remote haunted asylum during a raging thunderstorm to do a favor for a long-dead mob boss.

But Verity is always ready to help out a friend, even one as eternally eccentric as Frankie. And in the case of Mint Julep Manor, the stakes are too high to refuse. The criminally insane mob boss holds a secret to Frankie’s past, one that might set Frankie free. Do the favor—survive the favor—and they might change Frankie’s afterlife for good. Fail, and they might never leave the asylum.

My review:
The Mint Julep Murders sends Verity, Ellis and Frankie to a former insane asylum and things get scary from the get go. When dead bodies start showing up they have to find the murderer before they end up as victims. This addition to the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries isn’t as light hearted as earlier entries but this is a good old fashioned mystery that will have you guessing who dunnit right up to the very end. This one had me sleeping with the lights on.

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