Friday, April 26, 2019

Sassy Bride by Gracen Miller

A lonely vampire yearning for change. A sorceress craving a new life. A mess that must be sorted before death swallows their happy ever after. 

First of his kind, Markus “Raptor” Katz is a vampire who kills without remorse. While he has waited centuries for his bride, he wasn’t prepared for her to walk into Sassy Wolfe. He also wasn’t prepared for her to be his equal.

My review:
Sassy Bride is the story of an ancient vampire finding his bride. A modern girl with gifts of her own Lexi is thrilled at finding Markus her “siren song” but the fusty old vampire has another think coming if he thinks she will be his submissive little woman. Let the fireworks begin. This was a fun romp. This story is stand alone but much better if you’ve read Kissing Sassy and  Sassy Vigilante first.

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Gracen Miller said...

Thank you for the review, Donna!!