Saturday, April 27, 2019

Alpha Challenge (Ashwood Falls #10) by Lia Davis

Feral, unstable, and hungry for blood are a few words used to describe a rogue. They also describe Alec Andrews' leopard. The man is broken. The only things keeping him sane are his family, his pack, and a mate he can't claim. Because claiming Rhea will bring her spiraling down with him the day the darkness wins.

The wolf den mother, Rhea Scott will make Alec hers. Whatever it takes, she will tear down the walls he has built around him and his heart. The stubborn male thinks he's protecting her by denying the mating pulling. He's not the only one with a past he can't run from. Rhea isn't worthy of the pedestal he places her on. And she had never been a weak female.

A new enemy rises out of the fallen Onyx Pack's ashes. When a group of kids is taken, Rhea's wolf goes into protection mode and won't rest until the kids are home safe. No one was going to stop her. Not even the hotheaded, sexy, alpha male, Alec Andrews.

My review:
Alpha Challenge is a tale of second chances and new beginnings. Both Alec and Rhea have differing reasons for avoiding the mating bond. The past has left them with scars they’ll need to overcome to have a future. I really like these two together.  As they fight a common enemy they grow closer together. I really liked Rhea. She has an inner strength that I truly admired. This is a fantastic addition to the series and left me wanting more.

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