Monday, April 15, 2019

Heavenly Protector: Federal Paranormal Unit (Gemma-Hydrox Book (Purple Posse) 3) by LJ Vickery

Thomas Wheeler, director at the FPU has lent his team to the Premier Guard on another planet. He and his right hand human, Martin Galvez, are trying to make a go of the department on their own, but dammit, they need shifters. When he hears about a contingency of six from Gemma-Hydrox who might fit the bill, he’s both elated and stunned, because never in his life has he come across anything like them. 
Reena can’t wait to leave Gemma-Hydrox and start her new job on earth. Having been incarcerated for the majority of her life, she’s only dreamed of seeing new worlds and meeting new people. What she doesn’t anticipate is her new boss, and the things he’s kept deeply hidden…even from himself. He tries to keep distance between them, but she digs in her claws. She knows just what he is, and just how to help him. 

My review:
The FPU is shorthanded so why not recruit from another planet? Gemma-Hydrox volunteers six well trained recruits. They might have neglected to mention that they are purple. Ever the one to make do Director Thomas Wheeler may have to get creative. This is a fun addition to the series. You may enjoy it more if you’ve read Adamant Eve and Keeping Pace by this author but it can be read stand alone.

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