Thursday, April 4, 2019

Deadly Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit #4) by Milly Taiden

Katrina Mejia knows she has to prove herself. As the newest member of the Federal Paranormal Unit, she’s in a whole new world. She needs a lot of field time to get up to speed and is happy to take on any case. She’d also like more information on tall, dark and broody who makes her heart skip a beat and her panties shrivel into nothing. 

Hunter Cross is content with the anonymity of working undercover. He’s not a people person and isn’t interested in a mate or a relationship of any kind. His heart is dead to emotions and he’s more than happy to keep it that way. But things change when he finds his mate. A mate he doesn’t want but craves. 

Putting herself in the sights of a madman abducting women, Kat’s about to become more than one man’s prey. When a piece of Hunter’s dark past shows up unexpectedly, it’ll take more than his dragon to keep his mate alive. Danger takes center stage as Hunter and Kat team up to take down a predator while fighting their burning passion. 

My review:
Deadly Protector is everything you expect from a Milly Taiden story.  Katrina is the new guy and a type of clairvoyant when she gets her first case she is determined to shine. Sadly they have partnered her with the hot, hunky and very grumpy dragon shifter who has decided she is his mate even though he doesn’t want a mate. Action, adventure and love.  A truly fun read.

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