Sunday, April 30, 2017

Truly Helpless: A Nature of Desire Series Novel by Joey W. Hill

Marius has all the things a Mistress could want in a one-night-sub encounter. Hot body, loads of charm and a willingness to get her off in any way she pleases. That’s his reputation at The Zone. But Marius has a dark side. When a Mistress pushes him for something deeper, he’ll push back, mess with her head. When he takes it too far one night, The Zone management has had enough. He’s kicked out of the club and there’s only one way back in—Lady Regina. 
Regina’s been studying Marius for a while. She enjoys her submissives in all flavors, and she likes them challenging, though not usually the “knight-in-distress” type, so screwed up she’d need a backhoe to dig him out of his dysfunctions. But on that pivotal night, she sees something in Marius. He doesn’t know what it means to be truly helpless to a Mistress, but he needs it, more than any sub she’s ever encountered. And that’s a challenge this Mistress can’t resist.

My review:
OMG! Joey W. Hill comes up with characters as tortured as can be and drags our hearts through the muck and mire as we join them on their quest for redemption. Marius has been through hell since the day he was conceived. He has found coping methods that while not necessarily healthy have worked for him. Till now. When things start to escape his iron control Marius starts lashing out. Luckily for him love is stronger than hate and his friends from The Zone can give him the tools to cope if he will only let them. I LOVE Lady Regina! She is powerful and patient and the one woman who could get Marius through the maelstrom his life has become.
Warning! There are some intense emotional scenes and there may be one or two trigger scenes. If you can power through the story is so worth it. It was like coming through a horrendous thunderstorm to see the sunshine and rainbow on the other side. Another fabulous read.

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