Friday, April 28, 2017

Of Humans and Monsters (Only Human #3) by Candace Blevins


Book three of the Only Human urban fantasy series... 

When Aaron finally locates the human who wields light-weapons similar to Kirsten's, her quiet family life is once again disrupted as she's dragged into another fearsome clash of vampires, shapeshifters, and not-so-mythological gods.

Aaron leaves for his honeymoon and she finds herself working side-by-side with the Amakhosi, so it's a good thing the two have figured out how to get along -- though controlling her libido around him was easier when he was an asshole cat.

Several new species show up -- some friendly and others most certainly a fierce enemy -- along with a human assassin who scares the bejeebers out of her despite the fact he's supposed to be on her side.

Kirsten's old enemy Aquila's back, as well as Xaephan and Mordecai. Add in another skirmish with Randall, more gods-of-old, and a fantastic night with a sexy biker, and you'll want to make sure you have plenty of popcorn and batteries for the third installment of the Only Human series!

NOTE: Of Humans and Monsters is book three of the Only Human urban fantasy series and is not a stand-alone. The first book is Only Human, the second is An Unhuman Journey.

My review:
Have you read Only Human and An Unhuman Journey? NO? STOP! Go read them and then come back and read this entry into the series. Kirsten makes new friends and new enemies in this entry in the series. We also catch up with some old friends and old enemies. We learn more about Kirsten and as she becomes stronger we have to question is she human or one of the monsters? Of course there are human monsters out there too. This is a non-stop express high energy addition to the series and I can’t wait to see where Kirsten’s journey takes us next.

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