Thursday, April 13, 2017

Swinging On A Star (The Hollywood Showmance Chronicles Book 2) by Olivia Jaymes

It’s all make-believe. Smoke and mirrors for the press and paparazzi. 

Carrie Johnson, ordinary businesswoman, has agreed to a fake romance with mega movie star Maxwell Hayes. He needs to show he’s not heartbroken after his nasty and public divorce. She wants her family and friends to believe she’s not devastated after being dumped by her fiancé. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

Carrie’s not the type for designer gowns and expensive jewelry, but she finds herself getting dressed up, walking red carpets, and posing for the cameras. With Max at her side, she’s dancing the night away and having a ball. Life with the gorgeous actor is better than she’d ever dreamed. 

Max may play the handsome and charming prince for the tabloids, but Carrie’s no princess. This relationship has an expiration date and there will be no happily ever after. It would be crazy to let her heart get involved. Wouldn’t it? 

My review:
Carrie Johnson is mourning the loss of her multi-year engagement when she meets a very drunk mega movie star Maxwell Hayes who is feeling used by his almost ex-wife. When the self-absorbed Max suggests a “Showmance” to help them both get past their respective troubles Carrie is at first defiantly against the idea. She doesn’t even like this guy how is she to pretend to love him. He is the actor not her. But when Carrie walks in on his ex giving him grief she pretends she is his new lover and the Showmance is on. Carrie knows there is more to Max than the cold bastard front he puts on. She just has to get to know him. Max doesn’t trust very many folks in his life. Everybody wants something except it seems Carrie. She isn’t in the business and could care less how big a star he is except for whether it makes him happy or not. Can Max thaw enough to let Carrie in? Will Carrie be his worst nightmare or best dream? Will life find them Swinging On A Star. I really enjoyed this story. I’ll admit to having my doubts about Max but in the end he stole my heart too.

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