Monday, April 17, 2017

Rumpling Riley (Zero, Ohio #1) by Virginia Nelson

Riley Gold likes things neat. He appreciates order, organization. Sure, he wants to find love but he sticks to the kitchen, loving his life as a chef, where he can carefully measure, time, and control every situation.
Basil Culver grew up alone. An orphan, he got bounced from home to home and learned at a young age to keep people at a distance. Attachment meant eventual agony—when the person unfailingly abandoned him. Better to live every moment, allow for the chaos of the universe, and keep rolling.
When these opposites clash, sparks fly. Can Basil manage to rumple Riley’s carefully tucked sheets?

My review:
Riley Gold is so phobic he can’t even self-pleasure without antiseptic wipes. Basil Culver is a man whore who dips it in a different well every night. Till he can’t. Both these guys need to let go and learn to love themselves. Which over the course of the book they start to do with the help of therapy. They also find and start to love each other.
The story was great. The flow was a bit herky jerky and not a smooth as I am used to from this author but still a fun story.

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