Monday, March 14, 2016

Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder

This blizzard is blazing hot...

Trevor MacMillian is the tart and incredibly sexy executive chef who’s made pastry chef Elaine Masterson’s life a living hell. But when she catches him in nothing but a tiny little towel, it’s almost enough to make her forget they’re stranded in a luxurious mountain cabin together...or that she hates him almost as much as she craves him like a sinfully forbidden dessert.

Being alone in a romantic secluded cabin might just kill Trevor outright. If Elaine hates him now, how much will she hate him if she finds out he’s been fantasizing about her full, kissable lips? So Trevor argues with her. Makes her angry— until an intense and unexpected kiss turns their hostility into insatiable hunger. And with this much heat, the snowstorm outside doesn’t stand a chance...

My review:
Cooking done well requires passion. Chefs Trevor & Elaine have passion to spare but in the kitchen it comes out as bitchen’. They are tricked into being alone with each other in an attempt work out a way to ease the tension between them. Turns out the tension in the kitchen can be turned into passion in the bedroom.  Snowbound Seduction is a smoking hot, super fun read.

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