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Royals & Rogues by Heather Long, Carole Mortimer, Shelli Stevens, Susan Stephens & J.C. Makk

Sexy and we know it! They’re on the hunt after your heart. Discover 5 brand new passionate tales of royals, rogues, dreams, passion and conflict. Escape with these modern tales, where happily ever after takes hard work, determination, and some good, old fashioned royal luck.

Discover the passionate Royals and Rogues with Shelli Stevens, Carole Mortimer, Susan Stephens, Heather Long and J.C Makk.

Warning: Contains royal heroes and heroines, tempestuous passion, second chances, roguish competition, and family ties binding them together. Sometimes a royal’s greatest challenge is love…


Her Marine Prince by Heather Long

Princess Francesca “Frankie” Grace has no interest in scandal or pomp and circumstance. Her desire for a military career puts her on a collision course with retired Marine Hugh Dillon.

Alexandre by Carole Mortimer

Billionaire ruler of a Mediterranean principality, Prince Alexandre of Androcco took one look at Anastazia Carmichael and knew he wanted her. And he’s determined to have her. In his arms. In his bed. Any way he can get her.

Seducing the Princess by Susan Stephens

Angel: The first time I met Gideon Black, I was a teen who hated him with a passion that kept me awake at night. Gideon: A tease at sixteen, Angel has grown into an irresistible, kick-ass woman. I know exactly what I want to do to her—how thoroughly, and for how long.

Corrupted by the Prince by Shelli Stevens

On the heels of his worst scandal yet, Prince Kostas of Mykorini decides to keep a low profile at his American beach home in the Hamptons. Taking a lover isn't part of his plan until he meets Eva. Evelynn Fairchild knows she should be wary of the bad boy prince, especially when she's considered the levelheaded one in her high profile family. But one earth shattering kiss makes her wonder if she should ditch her virginity status in what surely will be a one-night stand.

His Royal Redemption by J.C. Makk

Sir Antony Richarden is determined to win the King’s Favor, a prize which will save his family estate and secure his nieces’ future. His only obstacle? Princess Estelle of Dirksbee, the woman he left at the altar is going to make this competition more than difficult. Never mind the fact he still has feelings for Estelle…

My review:
Almost every child has at one point imagined themselves as royalty. In these 5 tales we learn that royals are people too and falling in love has pitfalls for them as well.  Five fabulous stories by five terrifically talented authors.
Her Marine Prince by Heather Long – What happens when you are a princess and 10th in line for the throne or is that 12th? Unlike her sisters Princess Francesca “Frankie” Grace has no interest in scandal or pomp and circumstance she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and serve as a Marine. Too get his approval and assistance in reaching her goal her father signs her up for a civilian boot camp where she meets retired Marine Hugh Dillon. They put each other through the wringer and you’ll have to read it to see who comes out on top. Marines and Royals have no better advocate than Heather Long.

Alexandre by Carole Mortimer - Prince Alexandre of Androcco is used to getting what he wants and what he wants is Anastazia Carmichael. Stazzi is outspoken and brash. She is honest and funny. She is the daughter of an impoverished Duke but Prince Alexandre doesn’t know that all he knows is he wants her. She is not like the other women he has known and the fight to get her into his bed may be the best thing he has ever done.  Watching these two butt heads is a lot of fun.

Seducing the Princess by Susan Stephens – Princess Angelika aka Angel is in a very bad place. Her father the king is dying, the country is failing and her uncle is trying to kill her as she is the only heir to the throne.  In steps Gideon Black. The boy she had a crush on has left to become a man and wealthy owner of a security company and just what she needs to help her secure her throne. If only her heart doesn’t get in the way. A fun coming of age story.

Corrupted by the Prince by Shelli Stevens – This is a fun yet sad story of wealth and expectations. Prince Kostas of Mykorini is “the spare” and so lives a life of a media scandal although he runs his own successful company as well. Evelynn “Eva” Fairchild is the daughter of a US Senator and the good girl among her wild child sisters. When Eva meets Kostas when he is vacationing in the Hamptons she is intrigued and interested despite knowing his reputation she believes there is more to him than meets the eye. One thing leads to another and at the ripe old age of 25 she gives the Prince her virginity only to awake abandoned and pregnant. Yep, you’ve read this story before but the reason it keeps being rewritten is it is a good one. As is this version.

 His Royal Redemption by J.C. Makk - Sir Antony Richarden and his former betrothed Princess Estelle of Dirksbee are competing for the same prize. He needs it to put a roof over the heads of his three nieces’ who are depending on him. She needs it to repair the reputation shattered when he left her. But things aren’t always as they seem and the competition may be just the thing they need to figure that out. 

This is a fun collection that will remind you that Royals put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

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