Friday, March 11, 2016

No Place Like Home (Coming Home #1) by Jennifer Kacey

"The easiest-and hardest-decision she'll ever make starts with a kiss."

"Coming Home," Book 1

In high school, Bianca Charleston was a nobody. An overweight wallflower, so invisible that Cole, the boy she had a crush on, never even knew she existed.

Things have changed, and she's finally ready to show off her new bombshell look. Sort of. Maybe. After a one-sided pep talk with her cat, she takes a deep breath and flies home to help out with the annual hospital carnival. Cole is there, too-and he still has no idea who she is.

FBI field officer Cole Johnson doesn't have an easy job, and his nights are usually booked solid. Then in walks Charlie, a blonde with killer...everything. Suddenly he's mentally clearing his schedule for a rare night out.

While Charlie doesn't do one-night stands, somehow after-dinner dessert is served up against the wall of her hotel room. But happiness will have to navigate an emotional minefield of preconceived notions-and a couple of not-so-secret stumbling blocks.

"Warning: Contains a former ugly duckling, and a big-hearted FBI agent who knows how to get his money's worth at a kissing booth. Plus, a little black dress that comes off a whole lot easier than Dorothy's ruby slippers."

My review:
No Place Like Home is a sweet, light-hearted story of new beginnings. Charlie has grown from the overweight wallflower she was in high school. She has dropped the weight and made a life for herself. When her best friend convinces her to come back home to help with a charity fund raiser despite the fact that the kids that bullied her in high school will be there all grown up, including Cole, the guy she had a crush on she is scared out of her mind. But when nobody recognizes her she is tickled pink. When Cole asks her out she is over the moon. But more than Charlie has changed since high school.
I like that the author doesn’t discount Charlie’s feelings nor does she make it like Cole knew her way back when. This is a fun read and I look forward to more in this series.

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