Monday, March 21, 2016

Naughty Wishes Part III: Mind by Joey W. Hill

The author of the “erotic and emotionally charged”* Naughty Bits series turns up the heat in Mind, as a boldly experimental threesome redefines the meaning of love and desire.

Samantha and her roommates Geoff and Chris always loved each other, but when Sam introduced the two men to the possibilities of deepening that relationship, something clicked. After all, they always had the desire to claim Sam, and to fulfill her fantasies of being taken by both of them. Yet as their sexual experiments grow in intensity, the two men open themselves up to even more unexplored naughty wishes – the ones they have about each other.

Although they’ve been close since childhood, there’s always been something more complex at the heart of the friendship between Geoff and Chris. All they needed was a catalyst to bring it to life. Now that Sam has become that catalyst, Geoff and Chris fight for dominance—and the struggle between them is the stuff of absolute ecstasy.

Includes a teaser for Soul in Naughty Wishes IV.

My review:
Fantastic! Naughty Wishes Part III: Mind takes us into the dynamics between Chris and Geoff. I think the physical was easier for them then the mental and emotional and Joey W. Hill does an absolutely fantastic job of taking them and by extension us through it with class and sensitivity. The sex is hot but the love is hotter. A fantastic addition to this serial.

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