Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Viscount and the Witch by Sahara Kelly

The greatest magic of all comes from the heart... 

Rhys, Viscount Hadley, is the practical sort. A true gentleman of the Ton, he leaves London at his Uncle’s request to render counsel to the daughter of an old friend. Riding through the country to a small Hampshire village, he has no idea where this journey is headed. 
Lady Alice Korte-Giddenhurst senses his imminent arrival. She has strange gifts — talents for which there are no rational or scientific explanations. She knows, in that mystical place within her mind, that Rhys will be more than just a visitor. So much more. And she finds herself eager to begin their dance of desire. 
When Rhys arrives, he’s thunderstruck — the woman welcoming him seems to be glowing. Or maybe it’s just the immediate and powerful attraction he feels toward her. Whatever it is, he’s intrigued enough to stay for dinner…and thus the adventure begins. 

My review:
I won an audio copy of this delightful story from the author. My husband and I listened to The Viscount and the Witch on a road trip. We had fun chuckling together. The Viscount and the Witch is a fun historical mystery and romance. I guessed wrong on the perpetrator but was right about most all of the rest. My husband is not big on romance or historicals but he got a kick out of this story too. The narrator did a good job of voicing the characters and made a boring trip more fun.

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