Thursday, September 17, 2015

Brightest Shadow (The Mythical Knights, Book #0.5) by Candice Gilmer

The darkest shadows sometimes have the brightest moments. 

The Mythical Knights, book #0.5 

Losing a father is always hard, losing a father who’s a pillar of the community is harder. 

Losing a father who’s the alpha of your werewolf pack is harder still, yet that’s exactly where David Drigan finds himself--lost and rudderless after the death of his father. 

Nonetheless, the final transformation to turn David into the leader has yet to come to him, leaving him and his family wondering, will he ever be strong enough to lead his pack? 

Trying to step into his place in society, David meets Kelsey. 

Blonde. Curvy. Attitude. 

And a little dark. 

There’s just something about her that makes David’s beastly desires surface unlike ever before. The need to take her and protect her, if only from herself, overwhelms him. 

Not that Kelsey would let him. She doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. Never has. An absentee family taught her one thing--take care of yourself, because no one’s going to do it for you. 

But this David guy? There’s just something different about him. At first, she thought it was because his family actually likes each other--a foreign concept for sure. 

One night at her favorite decrepit amusement park, she learns there’s a lot more to David than she ever expected. 

There’s a lot hidden in the shadows. 

Can they find the light, lost in the dark?

My review:
David is morning the loss of his father and Alpha. He is worried because he is to inherit the mantle but it hasn’t happened yet.
Kelsey is as independent as they come. If someone does something for you they probably want something in return or will hold it over you so no thanks she will do it on her own.
From the moment David meets Kelsey he wants to protect her and do for her. It takes him a bit to figure out that the reason he is feeling that way is because she is his fated mate. It is going to take more than a smile and a wink to claim her.
Brightest Shadow takes us into a world where not everything is as it seems. There is a Hell Gate in Kansas for goodness sakes. Weird things are happening. The weirdness envelopes David and Kelsey and it is all they can do to keep it from swallowing them whole. This is a book filled with action, adventure, mystery and love.

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