Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summit of the Wolf (Silver Wolf Clan #4) by Tera Shanley

An Unbreakable Bond

Morgan Carter is a claimed werewolf. Only her mate, Greyson Crawford, has the right to protect her, and to love her. But that hasn’t stopped rival packs from challenging Greyson’s claim. Morgan is the last silver wolf—the only female with the ability to produce werewolf offspring, which means there are many who would defy pack law to make her their own.

An Unstoppable Evil

When war comes to the Silver Wolf Clan on the eve of The Summit, Morgan and Greyson have no choice but to fight for their kind. With the arrival of an ancient enemy, the two realize that the war has only just begun, and to survive the greatest threat they have ever faced, they must learn to trust each other again…

My review:
Summit of the Wolf is a strong, dark extremely powerful addition to this series. Morgan Carter is a Silver wolf. A breed long thought to be extinct. Female silver wolves were able to birth baby werewolves. The only other way to become a were is to be bitten and changed and that is iffy at best. Because of this the Silvers were hunted by horny males and vampires. The vampires killed them to keep the population levels equal. In this book Morgan and Grey are now mated but it hasn’t stopped males from coming to challenge Grey for her. They take a chance and go to an enclave where they hope the Elders will help them get some sort of semblance of peace. At least have them order the horny buggers to back off.
I recommend reading the first 3 books before reading this. This can be read standalone but you will get a whole lot more out of it if you read the first 3 first. This is a short intense ride. We are introduced to some new characters that could make this series very interesting in the future. I look forward to seeing where the author takes us next.

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