Saturday, September 5, 2015

Blind Commitment by Virginia Nelson

Figgy Berlin made a name for himself in the art world with his gripping use of color and fearless use of impressionistic style in abstract art. One drunk driver later and he's left blind--he can't see color, he can't see his work, and most of all...he can't see his wife.

Through the terrifying days and nights of not knowing if he'd ever wake again, Mariana stayed by his side. When he fought to reclaim his body, she was there. Now he's back home and recaptured his art, but he's yet to reclaim his bride.

Can this couple find love even though he can't see how much his rejection is hurting her?

My review:
Short, sweet, sexy tale of life changes. This story tackles a couple finding their way after a major life change. Figgy Berlin is an artist who was blinded in an accident with a drunk driver. He has found his way back to art but has yet to reconnect with his wife Mariana even though she has been by his side throughout. Mariana wants to reclaim their physical intimacy but Figgy has to be willing. Can they find their way back into each others arms or is Figgy going to use his blindness to push away the woman who loves him.
I adore Mariana. She is sweet and kind but no pushover. Just the kind of woman a man with Figgy’s artistic temperament needs. I hate Figgy’s name and I felt like the story was too short. I would have loved to known how they were together before the blindness. But all in all I really enjoyed this story.

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