Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rescued by the Bear by Bethany Shaw

It’s just a regular day in the park. Not. 

Daisy is in the fight for her life after she stumbles upon a grizzly crime scene. She's chased through the woods, encountering even more danger. Geez... can her day get any better? 

Chad finds Daisy in a precariously troublesome situation and immediately goes into alpha (bear that is) mode.

Both have feelings for one another—Though neither know how the other feels.
Yet, that doesn't stop Chad from wanting to keep Daisy safe. 

While stranded in the woods over night, the two must fight their attraction, the elements, and the crazy psychopath after them. If they get out of this alive, will Daisy accept his bear?

My review:
Short sweet and fairly predictable but still a fun read. Ranger Chad is a werebear who has had the hots for human Ranger Daisy but is afraid she won’t accept his bear so despite her hints that she would be open to going out with him he has done nothing to make it happen. When Daisy interrupts a body dump she ends up fleeing for her life. Chad rescues her and keeps her alive but the unavoidable closeness is going to test his resolve. Will he bear up and take his mate or will he wuss out?

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