Monday, August 10, 2015

Southern Shifters: Furever After by Michelle Fox

Staying safe means killing her wolf… 

Piper Oakes is done with being a shifter and doing whatever she can to jettison her wolf. If she doesn’t, her alpha will force her to be his mate, even though they have no bond. In an effort to force her obedience, he’s taken everything from her—family, friends and any sense of safety she ever had. There’s no reason for her to be a wolf anymore and every reason to walk away. 

Saving her wolf is his only chance at love… 

Doctor Jaxon Comyn has never met a wolf who could be his mate. To fill the void of living alone, he throws himself into the study of human medical science. When Piper comes into his life, it’s his one shot at having it all, but claiming her as his mate means taking on both her alpha…and his. 

Welcome to Eliza Gayle's Southern Shifters series, where alphas move heaven and earth for their ‘happily furever afters.’ 

My review:
Piper Oakes will tear your heart out. She has lived in hell since her “Alpha” decided she was his when she was just a kid. Her parents protected her but he’s killed them to get to her. She has no choice but to run. Looking over your shoulder is no way to live.  She runs to the city to hide among the humans. She doesn’t want to be a wolf anymore. Maybe then he would leave her alone. Alone sick and scared in the city she runs into Doctor Jaxon Comyn a wolf doing his residency at the hospital. She doesn’t want his help but he can’t/won’t leave her sick and alone.
I felt so hard for Piper. This book will take you across a full spectrum of emotions leaving you exhausted but happy.

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