Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hot SEALs: Her Special Alpha (X-OPS Series Book 2) (Kindle Worlds) by Paige Tyler

For the first time in her life, she's getting a chance to know what it’s like to be with man who totally accepts her for who she is… 

Former Army Special Forces soldier Travis Dalton is considering taking a job at a friend’s private security company when he steps into the middle of what looks like a mugging. But then things get really bizarre when a beautiful woman shows up with fangs flashing and claws on the tips of her fingers. Suddenly Travis finds himself thrust into the mysterious world of the Department of Covert Operations, a super-secret division of Homeland Security, a world where sometimes bad guys do more than shoot you—sometimes they tear you to shreds. 

Eden Bristow is in Virginia Beach for her sister’s wedding. A feline shifter and covert agent with the DCO, she can’t help noticing how good Travis is at guarding her back—and turning her on. She hasn’t had a lot of luck with guys, not once they get a look at her fangs and claws. But Travis doesn’t seem to have a problem with her shifter attributes, and Eden is ready to make up for lost time. 

But one little thing is getting in the way of their romance—a gang of bad guys, and the wolf shifter leading them, who seem determined to kill her future brother-in-law and ruin her sister’s upcoming wedding. Will Eden need to call in for DCO backup, or will she find all the help she needs much closer at hand—like in her bed? 

My review:
Everybody wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. Eden Bristow is a feline shifter and covert agent with the DCO. Not exactly conducive to meeting guys who accept her claws and all. Former Army Special Forces soldier Travis Dalton meets Eden when they both stop Eden’s future brother in-law and his bff from being mugged. Eden is amazed when Travis doesn’t flinch at the sight of her fangs and claws. Travis has seen so much that Eden’s add ons don’t faze him. He thinks she is the hottest thing he has ever seen.  Eden is tough and sweet and so is Travis. These two make your heartstrings sing.  I really love the X-OPS Series by Paige Tyler and this is a fantastic addition.

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