Sunday, August 23, 2015

Prelude to a Rumor, Part Two by Melissa Schroeder

Former SEAL Randy Young isn’t looking to settle down. He just got out of a bad relationship with his share of emotional scars. When he and Sean Kaheaku team up on a surveillance job, he isn’t opposed to a little fun while they work. 

Sean learned the hard way that workplace romance doesn’t work out. Hell, hookups are always risky. But, when they find themselves on the run in a foreign country, lines get crossed, and both of them discover more about each other than they ever expected. 

This is a prelude to the full-length book A Little Harmless Rumor and has a happy for now ending. It is NOT a serial and it is not required to read this book to understand the relationships in the final book. 

My review:
A Little Harmless Rumor is an upcoming book that tells us the story of Sean Kaheaku and his former lovers Randy and Jamie. Prelude to a Rumor, Part One tells us of his first mission with Jamie and Prelude to a Rumor, Part Two tells us of his first mission with Randy. Neither are necessary to enjoy A Little Harmless Rumor but they help pass the time till it hits the shelves.  Randy and Sean are smoking hot together and leave me wanting A Little Harmless Rumor that much more.

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