Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Falling for the P.I. (Still Harbor #1) by Victoria James

She could never trust a cop...

Teacher Kate Abbott's fresh start in Still Harbor was the beginning of the life that she and her two best friends always imagined for themselves. Still, being a working single parent of a special needs daughter hasn't exactly improved Kate's love life. But Kate's preference for nachos over men quickly disappears when she meets the oh-so-sexy Matt Lane.

Until she finds out he's a cop.

Matt is a former cop-turned-private investigator, and he knows fear when he sees it. A cop clearly spooked Kate...or hurt her. Still, something about the gorgeous professor catches his attention, and despite his "no settling down" policy, he can't resist her. But all of the attraction in the world won't be enough to overcome Kate's past...

My review:
Falling for the P.I. was a delightful surprise.  I was expecting a fluffy small town romance and what I got was a small town romance with meat. This is a terrific story with wonderful characters we can care about.  Matt is a former cop-turned-private investigator who has been burnt by love but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of not caring, which is a great thing for Kate Abbott who has never felt safe enough to love. This book is filled with small surprises and sweet moments.  I heartily recommend this feel good romance and am truly looking forward to the next book.
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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