Monday, August 10, 2015

Hiding From Danger (Danger Incorporated Book 2) by Olivia Jaymes

Georgette “Gigi” Sidney is a woman on the run. Her ex-boyfriend’s love was controlling, obsessive, and deadly. Now she’s hiding out in Tremont, Montana spending her days as a waitress and her nights in West Anderson’s bed. She ought to be moving on to the next town but her feelings for the handsome detective have complicated her plans. 

Everything in life has come easily for West Anderson. Until now. Despite the passionate nights he and Gigi have shared she’s constantly talking about leaving town. He knows she has some sort of a secret but so far she hasn’t trusted him enough to reveal it. 

When Gigi’s past interferes with the present she has to finally tell West the truth…about everything. She needs twenty-four hour protection and he’s just the man for the job. 

If West has his way there will be no more running, no more excuses, and no more lies. He’s determined to put the past to rest so that he can be her future. All he has to do is catch a madman and keep her alive while doing it.

My review:
Hiding From Danger is a fun romantic suspense novel.  Georgette “Gigi” Sidney is hiding from her past and she is the only girl Detective West Anderson can think of having a future with.  Gigi has got to move on before he can break her heart. Unfortunately trouble finds her before she can bail and now she and West are in the crosshairs and need a bit of help staying alive and while they are at it finding Gigi’s brother and sister.  Love on the run has never been this hot.  West is a strong alpha male without being too dominating.  He is sweet and supportive and has been added to my list of book boyfriends.  Gigi has been doing it on her own for a long time and is just tired enough to accept some help. Probably because of the man who is offering.  This book is part of a loosely connected series and can be read standalone.   

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