Friday, September 26, 2014

Wolf Claim (Wolves of Willow Bend #3) by Heather Long

Gillian Whitford, darling of Willow Bend, brings out the protective instincts in all the dominants, but none more so than Owen Chase, the pack’s Hunter. A loner by nature and calling, Owen spends less time with his pack mates and more time on the borders of their land. Not even the change in the Alpha and the swearing of a new oath kept him around long.

Winds of change still drift through Willow Bend as they adjust to their new Alpha. When the Hudson River pack requests a fill in healer to replace their own, Gillian, journeymen apprentice to their Pack healer, is the obvious choice to help. Owen forbids her to accept, but the sweet natured wolf rebukes his selfishness and volunteers anyway.

Risking a challenge, Owen faces off against his Alpha to appeal her decision and finds himself charged with her safety. Now, the loner will be escorting one of his pack’s most precious into foreign lands. He’s all that stands between her and a dozen potential threats…and if he doesn’t stake his claim, he may lose more than his heart.

My review:
I really get a kick out of this series.  Heather Long has done a fantastic job of bringing to life the world of the Wolves of Willow Bend.  In this installment stoic, rough, tough hunter Owen Chase is felled by one of the gentlest wolves in the pack journeyman apprentice healer Gillian Whitford.  What Owen is about to find out is that just because you may be small in stature and a submissive wolf doesn’t mean that you are weak.  Gillian has crushed on Owen forever and has even thrown herself at him only to be rebuffed.  Owen thinks he isn’t good enough for her but doesn’t think anyone else is either.  It takes an emergency in a neighboring pack to throw them together long enough for Owen to quit being a bonehead and to realize that he may not be perfect but he is perfect for her.
This is a fantastic, colorful, fast paced, mystery with a bit of romance thrown in.  Even if werewolves aren’t your thing give this a try you may be surprised.

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