Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wanted: Wild Thing (Midnight Liaisons #4) by Jessica Sims

The final book in a romance series set in a “fun, sexy world” (USA TODAY), where paranormals seek love through a dating service called Midnight Liaisons.

Ryder is hiding a dark secret from her coworkers at Midnight Liaisons. Every time she’s sexually attracted to a man, her dragon side breaks through. Not exactly man-bait! But she needs to lose her virginity before her twenty-fifth birthday, or she’ll become a dragon forever.

Her solution? Big, hunky Hugh, the appointed guardian of her chastity. He’s clearly hot for her, but he has powerful reasons to resist Ryder. Can temptation—and love—possibly find a way?

My review:
Though this is the 4th and final novel (there a a couple of novella’s too) in this series they can each be read stand alone. 
In Wanted: Wild Thing we finally get the answer to what kind of shifter Ryder is.  Ryder is the flirty, sweet, quirky supposed human who works for Midnight Liaisons a dating service for the local paranormal population.  She helps others find their mates but she has yet to find hers.  She has a problem in that whenever she touches a guy she is sexually attracted to her shifter side comes to the fore.  She has no love for her shifter side.  She thinks it is ugly and will frighten off anyone who might come to love her.  When she meets Hugh she has reason not to like him but he may be fierce enough to handle her shifter side but at what cost.
I really got a kick out of this series and am saddened that it is ending.  This is a check your brain at the door and enjoy the escape type series.  This book was a bit more serious than the others but in the end just as enjoyable.

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