Friday, September 5, 2014

Bite Me, I'm Yours (Bitten by Love, #2) by Stacy McKitrick

Sarah's known monsters...and John isn't one. Sarah's life isn't going well. She's divorced from an abusive jerk, been drugged, stuffed in her trunk and nearly kidnapped. Between that and a harsh winter, it's almost more than a girl can take. She's rightly distrusting of any man's affection, so an ice-skating date with John - who doesn't seem to feel the cold - isn't exactly on her bucket list. Yet something about him captures her attention.

John is determined to live as an ordinary mortal. He's moved into the city, bought a sports bar and works there as the bartender. As a new vampire, he's never considered dating, until he meets Sarah. Prudence dictates he stay away from her, but everything about her calls to him...right down to her cute animal socks.

Sure, finding out John is a vampire is scary, but Sarah's learned not all monsters have fangs. Besides, someone else isn't too happy about their budding relationship. Sarah will have to survive before getting her chance at love.

My review:

This sexy, fun vampire romance takes place in the same world as My Sunny Vampire (Bitten by Love, #1) but can be read standalone. In Bite Me, I'm Yours we meet John, a vampire who was changed against his will in the 1950’s and Sarah an accountant who has recently escaped an abusive marriage.  When they meet the attraction is instantaneous and fierce.  This book has its good moments and then there are the moments when I felt like the author was spoofing Twilight. Making fun of the age difference, watching her sleep, the push me pull you at the start of the relationship but all in all the supporting cast and the hea made it worth the read. 


I received an ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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