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Men of Calder County: Boxed set of 13 Untamed, unleashed, unforgettable tales of love

Men of Calder County: Boxed set of 13 Untamed, unleashed, unforgettable tales of love by Regina Carlysle, Ciana Stone, Samanatha Cayto, Ann Jacobs, Lacey Thorn, Heather Long , Lynn LaFleur , Kristin Daniels  , Tilly Greene , Ruth D. Kerce , Fran Lee , Gayle Donnelly, Robyn Mackenzie

Men of Calder County
Untamed. Unleashed. Unforgettable. 

13 titillating tales of love as hot as a Texas summer. Novellas about love and lust, loss and discovery with adventure, action, danger and heart-touching romance that are unforgettable. 

Mac by Regina Carlysle. When tragedy strikes Callie's small family, Mac Bonner proves that heroes can be found in a girl's own backyard. 

Rand by Ann Jacobs. The fire of some love can't be extinguished. The only thing that can stand against it are dangers from the past with the power to take everything - even your life. 

Brody by Samantha Cayto. She wanted to make a fresh start, not a new man. The life stepped in and offered more than she ever dreamed. 

Zeb by Ciana Stone. There was nothing in Calder County for him. Or so he thought. Until she kissed him. Now if he can keep them both alive there just might be something worth staying for. 

David by Lynn LaFleur. David and Kris begin to fall in love while filming their movie. But a killer lurks in the background who is determined to destroy their happiness. 

Wade by Kristin Daniels. Save the girl, make her yours and nail the bad guys? Hell yes. Corral your wayward libido while doing that? Uh, Wade’s working on that one. He might’ve let Cassidy go once, but not this time. He’s a cowboy on a mission, ready take down anyone who gets in his way. 

Rayne by Lacey Thorn. Rayne breeds horses on the Texas horse ranch he calls home. Darcy prefers to travel and explore the exotic as far from Texas as she can go. 
When these two opposites collide, will they discover some common ground or will their differences drive them apart? 

Valentine by Heather Long. He hates Sage Creek, its gossipy old ladies, tired old ranchers, and men who were supposed to be his friends. What he doesn't hate is the girl whose heart he broke.Problem is whether he'll be able to win her again. 

Falcon by Ruth D. Kerce. Sheriff Falcon Savage returns to Calder County to find trouble stalking a woman he loved and left behind. Except his love for her never really died and ultimately it saves them both. 

Jack by Tilly Greene 
Jack Murphy knows he’d made a mistake years ago when he pushed aside the cute brunette, now he wants a second chance. 

Flint by Fran Lee...Flint is as hard as his namesake, until one tiny spitfire with a black eye worms her way under that shell... 

Mason by Gayle Donnelly. Local cop, Mason, has big trouble. Not only must he solve a case of vandalism, but he needs to convince his meddling mom that he doesn't need to be married off. But when an old love comes back to town, he might have to re-think that. 

Chase by Robyn Mackenzie. Chase Collier's greatest fantasy from the past has finally returned after ten long years and this time, he has no intention of letting her slip away. But is their incendiary connection enough to finally lay to rest past hurts in order for them to follow their hearts?

My review:
I love box sets.  They are an inexpensive way to get to know new “to me” authors.  Men of Calder County is a set of 13 stories un-connected except they all take place in Calder County, Texas.  Mason is mentioned in Chase but other than that there is really no interaction between tales. 
Calder County knows how to breed em.  Hot, honorable and downright sexy alpha men who know how to get what they want.  Because of the length of these stories there are a lot of second chance romance and instant chemistry stories.  I think my favorite had to be Valentine by Heather Long.  You have to love a story dedicated “For every woman who’s waited for her guy to stop being a bonehead.” Falcon is a “white knight” in a Stetson. David is a cowboy movie star who is out to get his leading lady.  Jack may be the hottest guy in Texas but payback can be bliss.  Just ask Falcon about Dizzy Izzy.  There isn’t a bad story in the bunch. 
A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review

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