Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shadows Till Sunrise (A Lilly Meratoliage Urban Fantasy Romance) by Chris Marie Green

Chris Marie Green brings you an urban fantasy romance that’s full of paranormal thrills, action, and star-crossed love! Two monster hunters fight their sizzling attraction while one bloodthirsty phantom leaves a trail of death in New Orleans… Can love survive till the sun rises?

*This novel is approximately 51,000 words, and a brief excerpt is added at the end.*

A Bad Girl Trying To Do Good

Lilly Meratoliage used to be a villain—a ruthless guard for a power-hungry family who worshipped monsters. Burned in a fire as punishment after a failed mission, she was left scarred and desolate. Now, healed by a bayou witch who has given Lilly a pair of white magic boots, Lilly is ready for redemption, charged with tracking down a phantom who has already killed twice and is aiming to add to his list. It’s just too bad those charmed boots must feed off Lilly, robbing her of her short-term memory every night in order to keep them both strong. And it’s too bad that she’ll need to work side-by-side with a man who has already betrayed her…

A Tormented Hero Who Can’t Let Go of the Past

Psychic Philippe Angier is haunted by visions of these paranormal killings that have darkened his hometown of New Orleans, and he wants to catch up with this murderer who seems as if he’s stepped out of the past to challenge his victims to bloody duels. But to catch a phantom, Philippe needs Lilly’s stealth and fighting skills. What he doesn’t need is the attraction he still feels for her, even though he once deceived her during a previous adventure.

But charming Philippe is winning Lilly over hour by ticking hour, even if those boots are going to erase her memory again at sunrise, turning him into just another stranger...

Will the magic and the phantom beat them before the sun comes up or will star-crossed love win out?

My review:
Lilly has a problem.  She wakes every morning with no memory of who she is.  This is actually a good thing for the reader as we find out together why this is and what mysteries lie in her past.  There is action, adventure, danger, magic, mystery, and a bit of romance.  And while this is a spin-off of the fantastic Vampire Babylon series this novel stands well on its own.  I look forward to following Lilly as she learns and grows.  If this series is anything like Vampire Babylon we are in for a heck of a ride.

A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review

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