Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wolf Bite (Wolves of Willow Bend - Book 1) by Heather Long

After a dominance challenge left his parents dead, Mason left Willow Bend and his pack behind, choosing instead to live life on his own terms…a Lone Wolf. A wanderer, he keeps his life simple and carefree—until an unexpected encounter brings him face to face with his tragic past and the woman he’s always adored. Determined to get her out of his blood, he teases her into an easy one-night stand…but one taste will never be enough.

Alexis Huston lived on the fringe of pack life, adopted as a young girl, she’s never been strong enough, fast enough, or pretty enough—except to Mason, but then he left her. Allowed her freedom as an adult with the promise to keep the pack’s secrets, she’s struggled to fit into the ‘human’ world and then a chance meeting turns her hard-won life upside down. 

Now she has to decide whether to tell the only wolf she’s ever loved that she’s pregnant or do what she has to do to protect him…keep it secret and run.

My review:
Wolf Bite is a second chance romance.  I read this book in one sitting and then re-read it.  Despite this being a fairly short book (150 pages) we are treated to a full story, in a well thought out world and some sizzling hot bed breaking sex.  The characters are truly likeable and believable.  Neither is perfect but they are certainly perfect for each other.

At 17, werewolf Mason is forced to leave Willow Bend and Alexis behind.  He didn’t know he broke her heart but his was pretty dented.  He has been roaming as a Lone Wolf answering only to the Enforcers that make sure he behaves and doesn’t let the humans know about his wolf. 

Alexis was crushed when Mason left.  As a human she didn’t fit in but Mason was always kind to her and protected her from the others.  For the past four years she has been trying to live in the ‘human’ world while still answering to an over protective father.
When Mason comes upon Alexis fighting off a mugger his wolf pushes him to protect.  One thing leads to another and they find themselves in each other’s arms.  But Lone Wolves aren’t allowed to have anything to do with Pack and despite living in the ‘human’ world Alexis is still Pack.  Can he leave her to keep her safe?

I am certainly looking forward to further adventures in this series. 

Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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