Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Ascension (The Capes #3) by Rebecca Royce

Lael Hudson has had enough. He made a terrible mistake years earlier and has never been able to forgive himself. His brothers don't trust him and life seems like a series of pointless encounters—one after another, all meaningless. Until he makes a decision—leave the Guardians forever. Start a new life, one of his own making.

Margot Fox woke up one day in a small apartment in a city she didn't recognize without any memories at all. She has one piece of paper in her pocket warning her of danger. What is she to do? When the little money she does have runs out she has no choice but to seek help outside, which is when she runs smack into Lael Hudson.

Despite his decision to stay out of Guardian affairs, Lael can't deny his super human powers make him want to protect the woman who is convinced she must have been abducted by aliens. Together, they will discover the truth is more heinous than either of them could have imagined and that they will have to face the truth of their pasts if they're ever to have a future.
My review:
Fantastic ending to this terrific series.  This book can be read stand alone as the author gives you enough of the back story that you don’t feel lost nor are you bored out of your mind if you have read the other two. 
Lael is the little brother.  He has two very overprotective brothers who make it hard for him to get past his mistakes. Out on his own he finds a young woman with no memories who may be his salvation or his downfall and that of his brothers.  Can Lael get past his past and find a future where he can redeem himself and find a future with or without his brothers. 
I absolutely fell in love with Lael.  Having read the other books I got to see him grow into a fantastic young hero.  I applaud the choices he made and will add this book to my re-read over and over again stack. 
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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