Friday, August 22, 2014

Nightfall (Vampire Queen #9.6) by Joey W. Hill, Desiree Holt

Ranch owner Quinn Pedraza has to find someone to run the saloon he won in a bet, but more than that, he needs a woman who can handle his alpha personality…and closet submissive sexual cravings. When vampire Selene Torres arrives on the scene, he gets everything he wants—and learns what he really needs.
Inside Scoop: Quinn’s BDSM journey is not for the faint of heart and includes extreme sexual situations and dubious consent, as well as male/male scenes.

My review:
Wow! Just wow.  You always wonder how smoothly a collaborative effort is going to work even between two authors as talented as Joey W. Hill and Desiree Holt.  These two ladies melded as one mind. 
This story takes place in the world of Joey W. Hill’s Vampire Queen series but can be read stand alone.  If you haven’t read this series (and why not?) this might be a good book to start with.  In this world vampires are viscous, sexual, and dominant and sometimes cruel but they sometimes find a connection and are capable of deep emotion though they hesitate to call it love.  In Nightfall we meet a young made vampire,  Selene Torres, who is about to set ranch owner Quinn Pedraza’s world on its ear.  Quinn is a “man’s man”.  Ranch owner, former rodeo rider, and bar owner Quinn doesn’t have much time for a life outside of work and taking care of those he considers in his care.  That too is about to change. 
This is a hard book there are moments of cruelty that make you want to cry followed by acts of love that make you want to shout with joy.  This is not a safe book you will be drawn in and made to feel and sometimes you will be out of your comfort zone but it will make you think and I think make the story that much better. 

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Pyper541 said...

A couple authors from the Midnight Ink box set, Robin L. Rotham and Sidney Bristol I love this box set so far!

My favorite color is blue.

Erin Lewis said...

Just heard of Olivia Jaymes and started reading her series

My favourite colour is Green

Sarah r said...

When Butch meets Selene...oh my! Love this book! So glad the dinner went well *wink*!