Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cyra's Cyclopes (Love's Immortal Pantheon #3.5) by Tilly Greene

Love is complicated and can happen in the most unlikely places.

Cyclopes are giants, mean and set in their ways. Agres, Steropes and Brontes are no exception. They have existed forever and see no reason to change. They're comfortable working with the immortals and keeping the pesky mortals at a distance through fear. One night, they meet the stunning Cyra and everything as they know it has been altered. They flounder for solid footing and eventually find level ground where the brothers are content having a lover in their lives. All is going well until they discover their lover is going to leave them for the deity of agriculture she is devoted to serving. Working through the rare feelings of fear, they finally grasp what they never thought would happen to them, actually happened. They are in love, deeply and wholeheartedly, with Cyra. Desperate not to lose her, the normally self-assured trio bands together and are ready to fight for her love.

Having spent most of her life dedicated to a god in grateful servitude, Cyra is surprised when love blooms in her heart for another. Not just for one man, but three brothers, an unheard of scenario even on the sexually permissive Mount Olympus. They were Cyclopes, one of the most feared beings to exist, except they were perfect, handsome, one eyed men who were gentle giants when with her. The love she felt for them grew until she thought her heart would explode and while their bodies told her they cared, the brothers never said a word about how they felt for her. The spring festival brought the point in time when she had to choose between the men who held her heart and the one she served. While it wasn’t going to be easy, all that was left for her to do was decide in which direction was best for her to go.

My review:
Ignore the cover.  A  Cyclops only has one eye so the guys on the cover aren’t Cyclopes.
Cyra's Cyclopes is a well written erotic multi partner romance without the squick factor you might imagine with having Cyclopes as the love interests. (The plural form of Cyclops is Cyclopes.) This story takes place in a time rarely written about these days.  Ms. Greene pulls no punches when she describes what it was like to live, love and worship in ancient Greece.  I’ve not read the others in this series but this book can be read stand alone.  If you want a really original, truly hot, tale of love and lust try this one.

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