Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Like It Deadly (Going Royal #3) by Heather Long

Being the best friend to a prince isn't all it's cracked up to be. As attorney and spokesperson for the royal Andraste family, Richard Prentiss lives under a microscope. Fair or not, he's not able to date like a regular person. So when his personal assistant retires, Richard knows her pretty replacement, Kate, is strictly off-limits.

Kate Braddock's resume includes special forces training and enough profiling work to pick a threat out of a crowd. None of that prepares her to resist the charming, down-to-earth attorney she's assigned to protect. Determined to treat him like any other body to guard, she struggles to maintain her distance. It's her job to step in front of the bullet with Richard's name on it, nothing more.

When threats against the royal family take a deadly turn and his new assistant foils two attempts on his life, Richard's grateful—and more than a little intrigued. There's more to Kate than meets the eye, but what is she hiding? He'll have to trust her with his life when the danger proves to be closer than either realized…

My review:
Richard Prentiss has been my favorite secondary character and I was thrilled to see he finally got his chance to shine.  This is a truly fun book.  True there are some serious issues that are addressed but the chemistry and banter between Richard and Kate is just fantastic.  I read this in one sitting and am seriously considering sitting down and re-reading it because I enjoyed my time with them so much.  You can read this book separate from the rest of the Going Royal books Some Like it Royal - Going Royal, #1 and Some Like It Scandalous - Going Royal, #2 but In My Humble Opinion you will enjoy this more if you have at least read Some Like It Scandalous - Going Royal, #2.

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