Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wildfire by Mina Khan

Lynn Hana Alexander is a 25-year-old Japanese American shape-shifter haunted by guilt. She’s been questioning herself and her dragon abilities ever since she failed to save her grandmother. 

When her best friend is threatened by mysterious fires burning up acres of West Texas, Lynn rushes to the rescue determined not to fail again. However, with a tempting firefighter, a flirty city developer and dragon pheromones distracting her, how is she going to find the arsonist?

And worse: is her primary suspect a malicious rogue dragon or the love of her life?

*** Author's Note: Wildfire is a paranormal mystery with romantic elements. It is not a traditional romance. I hope y'all enjoy the read!***

My review:
Wildfire by Mina Khan is one of those fantastic books that can’t be pigeonholed into just one genre.  It is a  paranormal mystery love story with no sex and cowboys, sheriffs and crazy bad guys and friends.  Because of this it may never see your bookshelf and that would be a shame because this is a heck of a story.  Well written, fast paced, I couldn’t put it down.  This is one book that is worth reading past your bedtime.

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