Saturday, July 7, 2012

Samurai Game (GhostWalkers #10) by Christine Feehan

This is a terrific romantic suspense series with a touch of paranormal thrown in.  Action! Adventure! Intrigue! Romance! What’s not to love?  I’ve waited anxiously for this installment of the GhostWalkers series as I sense a change in the focus.  The GhostWalkers are starting to ferret out Whitneys spies and are becoming a more focused and cohesive unit. 

In this installment another GhostWalker finds her way to the mountain retreat where some of the GhostWalkers and their families have made their safe-haven.  Thorn was thrown away by Whitney at the age of 8 when she was no longer viable for experimentation.  He considered her a failure.  She was rescued and renamed Azami by a martial arts master who taught her how to defend herself and others.  She and her two foster brothers run a high tech communications company which she uses as a front to track down and destroy anyone connected to Whitney.  When Lily wants to purchase Azami’s companys satellite system Azami has a way in to find out if Lily is still in touch and working for her dad.  Along the way Azami meets Sam and the attraction is instantaneous and incendiary. 

I totally recommend this for any who enjoys Ms. Feehan and romantic suspense.

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