Monday, July 30, 2012

Always a Marine 1NS series by Heather Long

The 1NS series by Decadent Publishing is a series of short erotic romance stories by a multitude of authors.  All they have in common is a set of rules put forth by the publisher and then pretty much anything goes.  I’ve read several by several authors and have enjoyed most of them.  Heather Long has set her 1NS books around a sub-series Always A Marine.  

Once Her Man, Always Her Man (Always a Marine #1) – Luke and Rebecca.  Luke left town and his girl Rebbeca after 9/11 and joined the military.  Now 11 years later he is out of the service and starting over.  He and his team have agreed to use Madame Eve’s 1NS service as a welcome back.  He never expects to reunite with the girl he left behind.

Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here (Always a Marine #2) – Zach, Logan & Jazz.  Jazz has a problem, as a senior enlisted woman marine she doesn’t often get to explore the woman part of that label.  Fooling around with the guys in her unit is not good for discipline and civilians don’t get the marine part.  Zach & Logan are best friends.  They grew up together and joined the corps together.  They’ve always shared everything.  When Logan is severely injured  by an IED it is up to Zach to prove to him that he is still a man.  He calls in Madame Eve’s 1NS service who sets them up with Jazz who will “get” what Logan has been through.

Tell It To The Marine (Always a Marine #3) – James and Lauren.  James is a clinical psychologist working with returned military and their families.  He is encouraged to sign up with Madame Eve if only as a sign of solidarity.  He ends up on a date with movie star Lauren. 

Proud to Serve Her (Always a Marine #4) – Damon and Helena.  Damon is a sensualist who has left the service and is opening a restaurant.  Helena is a button down uptight lawyer.  Damon sees the challenge in making her relax and enjoy.  (My biggest problem with this story is that no way no how could this date have happened on opening night of his restaurant.)

Her Marine (Always a Marine #5) – Brody and Shannon.  Brody is still active duty and on leave.  His buddies hook him into going on a date with Shannon.  Shannon is an artist who is suffering from her own form of PTSD.  She is a rape victim.  After five years of therapy and having it affect her life and her work she signs up with Madame Eve to see if she can rediscover passion.  I really liked Brody. 

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