Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Neural Firings

I was thinking of the hulabaloo that has been surrounding the Fifty Shades trilogy and why BDSM has been gaining ground in erotica and erotic romance.  For what it is worth this is my theory.  I believe that we as a people have become increasingly desensitized to the world around us.  Pain and suffering on the nightly news.  War, hatred and bigotry abound.  And like the submissives and or masochists in the stories we need to up the stakes to feel anything.  I’ve read quite a bit of these stories some good and some bad.  I don’t think it makes me want to go out and hurt anyone or be hurt by anyone.  I do think we need to take a look and figure out where we go from here though.  How extreme do we want to become mainstream? 

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