Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mark's Opening Gambit by Lee Brazil

I won this from The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads contest.   It is a short mm romance. 
Mason is a high school dropout working nights to help his mom support him and his brothers.  Thiers is a close family and they don’t care that Mason is gay.  Mark is from an upper class background whose family insists he can’t be gay and so force him into hiding.  Mark graduated from law school to get his folks off his back but doesn’t actually practice law.  He runs a chess café which is where he and Mason meet when Mason brings his little brother by for a tourney.  Mason is smitten from first glance.  But things are tough when you are trying to be something you aren’t.
This is a coming of age romance.  The chemistry was intense and there was almost too much sex for me at the beginning.  I like a little story with my sex.  But like a match when the initial flare burnt down there was light and a really good story.  

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