Friday, July 13, 2012

Instant Attraction (Wilder #1) by Jill Shalvis

After having read and enjoyed Ms. Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series I had to check out her backlist.  I read and enjoyed her Animal Attraction books and so I picked up Instant Attraction book 1 of the Wilder series.  The Wilders are 3 brothers and a rather young Aunt who run an adventure camp in the high Sierras.  Instant Attraction is Cam Wilder’s story.  Cam is a former champion snow boarder.  A serious accident takes him out of competition.  He wanders for a year lost.  Boarding defined him.  Now he’s coming home because wandering hasn’t given him the answers he seeks.  Katie is an accountant with survivors’ guilt.  She was the sole survivor of a bridge collapse.  She has a form of PTSD.  She is determined to make her life an adventure.  Starting with a temp job working for the Wilders.  Can these two broken people heal each other?  If you are a fan of fun, sweet contemporary romance this is a wonderful read.

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