Friday, July 27, 2012

Hoaley Ill-Manored (Hoale Construction Mystery, #2) by Declan Sands

Adam, Maddy, Walter, Mink and Dirk are back.  This time Adam & Maddy have purchased a 200 year old manor house to flip.  But once again they run into problems.  There are rumors of a murder in the past as well as a suicide.  There is said to be a hidden cache of jewels and previous owners have had problems with treasure hunters.  Adam doesn’t know if the place is haunted but it sure wasn’t a ghost that burnt down the gazebo. 
Mink once again provides comic relief.  Dirk is back as Adams on/off boyfriend.  Maddy and Walter are there for support.  I really enjoy this series.  This probably could be read stand-alone but would be much better if you read A Hoale Lot of Trouble (Hoale Construction Mystery, #1) first.  

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