Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Something About Witches (Arcane Shot #1) by Joey W. Hill

I’ve read Joey W. Hill’s Knights of the Boardroom series and am working my way through her Vampire Queen series.  I even have the first book in her Nature of Desire series on my TBR shelf.  So when I found Something About Witches at my bookstore I grabbed it.  I’d heard it was to be more main stream.  Everything is relative I guess.  Ms. Hill does not write brain candy or fluff.  The Knights of the Boardroom series starts out hard and ends OMG.  The Vampire Queen series is dark and often brutal (but it is about vampires after all). 
Something About Witches takes place in the same world as the Vampire Queen series but it isn’t exactly a spin-off.  It is a book about choices, good vs. evil, love and redemption and like every Joey W. Hill book it was well written, intelligent, with smokin’ hot love scenes.  I am not Wiccan and don’t know much about Wicca.  I am sure that I missed something when reading this because of that but not enough to take away from the story and I did learn a thing or two.  
All in all another great read.  Will be adding In The Company of Witches (Arcane Shot #2) to my wish list.

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