Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scanguards Vampires (Books 1 - 5) by Tina Folsom

Samson's Lovely Mortal – This book started with a blow job and I thought oh, it’s going to be one of those.  But it wasn’t.  Sure there are plenty of hot love scenes but the blow job is important to the story because the sexy Samson can’t get it up.  Samson is a high powered executive and the owner of Scanguards, a bodyguard company, whose confidence was shot down by a gold-digging ex-girlfriend and his love life is in the toilet until he meets he lovely mortal auditor Delilah who is running from an unknown assailant.  Things would go much smoother if men and women communicated better but it wouldn’t be as much fun to read about.

Amaury's Hellion – Nina’s brother Eddie worked for Scanguards human division and killed his client and then himself or so the story goes.  Nina doesn’t believe it.  The  Scanguard vampires must have done something to him.    Amaury is an executive at Scanguards who has been cursed to feel everyones emotions but never to love.  It gets downright painful at times.  When he is with Nina it is blissfully quiet except he would really like to know what she is feeling.  Will she be the one to break the curse?

Gabriel's Mate – Gabriel and his crew from NY were called in to assist in the investigation into the deaths in Amaury's Hellion.  They’ve been asked to stay on as Delilah is pregnant and Amaury and Nina are honeymooning.  Maya is a doctor who has been turned against her will.  The attack was interrupted and she was brought to Samsons.  Samson has a pregnant mate and Amaury isn’t focused so it is up to Gabriel to oversee the lovely doctor’s turning. 
The good doctors turning wasn’t accidental.  She has a vampire stalker and he is killing off all those she might have told about him and he wants her back.  Gabriel is falling hard but has a problem.  Another instance where communication would have made things a whole lot easier.

Yvette's Haven – Yvette is one of Gabriel’s NY crew that’s come out to San Francisco to help out Samson.  When Zane (another of the NY crew) is taken off a job because the client thinks he is too scary Yvette gets the job.  She and her client are kidnapped by Haven a bounty hunter and vampire slayer.  He is forced into the job to save his screw up brother.  Killing a vampire is just a perk because a vampire killed his mother and kidnapped his sister 22 years earlier and he will kill every vamp that gets in his way till he finds his sister and her kidnapper.  In a classic case of opposites attracting these two are incredible together.

Zane's Redemption – Zane is on the abyss flailing his arms so he doesn’t fall and his friends can’t get near for fear of sending him off the deep end.  It takes an innocent to grab him by the collar and pull him back.  Zane is a big, scary, emotionally scarred vampire.  When Zane blatantly kills a rapist Samson puts him on light duty babysitting Portia.  Portia is a young hybrid college student who is also a virgin who needs to lose said virginity before she becomes a full vampire and is a virgin for eternity.  Her father has hired Scanguards to watch her while he was away.  He told them she was a wild child and that they should keep her away from boys and parties.  He doesn’t count on the attraction between Portia and Zane.
This was an emotionally tough book for me.  But I guess they way you redeem the bad boy is by explaining how he got that way.

These books are fun, sexy, inventive vampire romances.  I heartily recommend them.  BTW: Ms. Folsom count me in among those who want Thomas and Eddies story.

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